How To Treat Hemorrhoids And Prevent Them From Happening

Hemorrhoids are often a painful or itchy, unpleasant experience that most people will have to deal with in their lifetime. There are even two different types of hemorrhoids – exterior, which tend to be the painful ones, and the interior, which may not hurt at all. How can you treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids or even prevent them altogether? Treatments The treatments for external and internal hemorrhoids differ, and it is often easier to treat external since you can do most of them at home.

Do You Have A Newly-Diagnosed Teen Diabetic? Use These Pointers

Being told that your teenager has Type 2 diabetes can be surprising at first, but then you might become concerned. Luckily, many people with diabetes live happy, fulfilling lives when they control their glucose levels. As their parent, here are some pointers to focus on as you all adjust. Learn What You Can You might know the basics about your teen's disease already. For instance, you probably realize they'll have to inject themselves with insulin and prick their finger to find out how high glucose levels are.

3 Low Impact Exercises To Consider After Knee Replacement Surgery

Whether you suffered an injury or have been living with arthritis, pain and immobility of the knee joint can wreak havoc on your life. Fortunately, knee replacement surgeries offer effective and efficient relief for 9 out of 10 patients who undergo the procedure. Of course, following your doctor's instructions after the surgery is essential for a successful recovery. Certain exercises can help reduce inflammation and swelling while improving the strength of your new knee joint.

Tips For Coping With Tokophobia

If you really want to have a child that you give birth to, but are deathly afraid of childbirth, you might be struggling with tokophobia. Tokophobia is the irrational fear of pregnancy and childbirth. This is a problem that a surprising number of women have and can stem from the fact that you might be surrounded by family members that have horror stories to tell about giving birth and the potentially catastrophic changes that it causes to the body.

Four Tips To Help Get You Through Your Chemo Infusions

If your doctor has prescribed chemo infusions to treat your cancer, you may be looking towards these treatments with apprehension. It's no secret that chemo can be hard on the body, causing nausea, fatigue, and other side effects. So, to help get yourself through these chemo infusions with no more pain and agony than necessary, follow these tips. Focus on hydration. In the day leading up to your infusion treatment, focus on drinking plenty of water.