Is Your Business Memory Slipping? Consider APOE Genetic Therapy

As a successful business person, you rely a lot on your memory to keep you a float. However, you've had a harder time remember things lately and can't seem to focus like you did before. There is a history of dementia and Alzheimer's in your family: could you have the APOE 4 gene? And could APOE genetic therapy help you?

How the APOE Genes May Cause Some Confusion

Every person has a version of the APOE gene in their body. This gene, otherwise known as apolipoprotein E, helps to combine with fats to make molecules that carry other fats and cholesterol. However, there are three different types of APOE genes that you may have in your body – 2, 3, and 4. The first is fairly rare, the second the most common, and the third (4) a problematic one. That's because studies have found that APOE 4 may cause issues with a person's cognitive skills.

Those with this gene may find that they struggle to focus and may even suffer from the early onset of certain types of cognitive diseases. For example, you are struggling to remember your business passwords and other factors that are making your career more difficult. Thankfully, a growing field of genetic research is examining whether or not you can get help for your APOE-4-related confusion and avoid serious problems later in life.

Genetic Therapy May Help

If aging has you getting more confused and you're certain some APOE genes may be to blame, you need to talk to a genetic therapist right away to learn more. Typically, the development of confusion and memory problems is associated with only one APOE gene: APOE 4. This gene is present in about 15 percent of the population and appears to trigger or worsen the development of Alzheimer's or confusion.

Thankfully, APOE 2 does help to protect against the development of this disease. Currently, genetic researchers may be capable of introducing this gene into your body to help you focus better. The science is there and it could help to eliminate these problematic genes and focus only on good ones by altering their structure very a minor way. And these breakthroughs could help to make your memory better and keep your business stronger.

As a result, you should talk to a genetic research lab near you to find out what is going on in this field. Many companies are now trying to find ways to enhance the development of these genes in a way that benefits people. You may be able to get in on some studies that are examining this particular issue. If nothing else, you can help contribute to the development of new research in this way.