Why Your Annual Exam Is Important

It's very important for everyone to make it to their annual appointments to see their doctors. However, there are some specific reasons why a woman shouldn't skip her annual exams. This article will educate you on some of the reasons why you want to be sure you don't skip your next annual exam.

Your labs can catch problems early on

When you go in for your annual exam, the doctor will give you orders to have labs done. They will run labs for anything and everything that they feel should be monitored, according to your current known medical status, your age, environmental factors, your family history, and more. When your lab results come back, they will give the doctor a good look into how your body is functioning. They can see if you may have sugar levels that may indicate a concern about the possibility of diabetes. They will also be able to see your cholesterol levels and the functioning of your kidneys, liver, and immune system.

Your physical exam can catch issues early on

Your doctor will give you a complete physical which will consist of a breast exam, a vaginal exam, flexibility testing, your reflex response, and more. Your doctor may see or feel certain things during this part of the exam that will let them know whether or not you need additional testing. For example, if the doctor finds a lump in your breast, then they are going to want to send you in to have a mammogram, which can show them whether or not there is need for further concern over that lump.

You can ask questions you have been concerned about

Your annual exam provides you with the ability to go over any concerns with your doctor that you have been having about your health. You can also get advice for other things, such as weight loss options, help to quit smoking and a referral to a hearing doctor if you have been concerned about your hearing.

You can start early treatment

When you go in annually for exams and medical issues do show up, the doctor can get you started on treatments early. The sooner things are caught and you start taking medications or other treatments for those things, the better your chances will be of gaining control over those conditions. In some cases, this can help you feel better and in other cases, this can even provide you with life-saving treatments.

To learn more, contact a women's health physician in your area.