Interested In An At-Home Water Birth? Find Out What You Should Have During The Process

Are you hoping to have an at-home water birth with your baby? Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, it may be your first time giving birth in a body of water while in the comfort of your bedroom or another room in your home instead of in a hospital environment. If you want the experience to go as smoothly as possible, you should know a few things ahead of time.

Find a Doula to Help Throughout Childbirth

Even if you have a good support system at home, you should still find a doula who can be there for you during the childbirth process. In fact, you can start seeing a doula long before your due date because a doula can provide prenatal care while offering different suggestions on how to deal with different issues that may arise throughout the pregnancy, such as back pain, vomiting, and fatigue.

During the water birth, the doula can monitor your heartbeat and the baby's heartbeat while helping you and providing encouragement as you start to make progress with pushing. The doula can make sure that everything is going the way that it should to ensure that you are healthy and your baby-to-be is as healthy as possible throughout the birthing process. Having a caring, kind, and responsible doula by your side during this moment in your life could put your mind at ease and make it slightly easier for you to get through labor, which may be tough at times.

Get a Comfortable Pool to Use Indoors

If you are not planning to use the tub in your home because it is not large enough or comfortable enough to use for the birthing process, you should search for the perfect comfortable pool to use indoors. While portable birthing tubs are available, they tend to cost thousands of dollars. If you want to save and still have a great experience, you can always purchase an inflatable family-size lounge pool, blow it up, and then place it inside of the room where you plan on giving birth.

Having a water birth at home is much different from giving birth in a hospital environment. It is much cozier, comfortable, and personal. If it is the kind of experience you want to truly enjoy, you need to make sure you have a doula to help you throughout the pregnancy and during the birthing process. You should make sure to have a comfortable and spacious pool to use inside the home for the birth, too. Contact a doula program service for more help.