Commonly Asked Male Fertility Questions

Starting a family can easily be among the most exciting and stressful experiences in your life. While many couples will be able to easily conceive children, it is a reality that many will experience a range of problems. In particular, male fertility can be a serious problem, and if this is an issue you are suspecting is the source of your issues, you may want to learn more about this common condition.

How Will Fertility Problems Be Diagnosed?

In order to determine whether fertility issues are the source of your difficulties with conception, you will need to undergo a series of tests. The first step in the testing process will be to ensure that there are no structural abnormalities that would easily explain your issues. If there are no obvious causes of fertility issues, a semen sample will be needed for testing. These tests will measure your sperm count as well as the health of the sperm.

What Could Be Causing Your Male Fertility Problems?

The reproductive system is among the most complex in the body, and this can lead to a number of problems arising over the course of your life. For example, there are some diseases that can have profound impacts on a man's fertility. In particular, this can include testicular cancer, diabetes and obesity. Furthermore, a person's fertility can also be heavily influenced by the genes as this will influence sperm motility and production.

Are There Steps For Treating Male Fertility Issues?

When you are unfortunate enough to suffer from fertility issues, it can be an embarrassing and frustrating problem. It can be common for men to assume that there is little that can be done to enhance their fertility. Fortunately, this is not the case as there are a number of treatment options that your doctor can employ to help address this problem. Depending on the cause of the fertility issue, your doctor, such as at Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility, may develop dietary and exercise programs or use hormone treatment. When the fertility issue is due to a blockage or other structural abnormality, your might require surgery to correct the issue.

If you are wanting to start a family, sexual health problems can suddenly become a major obstacle in your life. If you are suffering from male fertility problems, it is important to know about some of the causes that can lead to these issues, the steps involved with diagnosing this condition along with the actions that can be taken to remedy the problem so that your dream starting a family can come true.